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Netflix and Chill

If you find yourself with a lot of free time, Netflix can easily fill it up for you. I have watched a lot of Netflix shows and here are my top ten.

  1. Grey's Anatomy: If you haven't heard of this show, you must be living under a rock. This is my all-time favorite show. Even though it has 16 seasons, you will not regret watching this. The medical drama series focuses on doctors at a hospital who try to maintain their personal and professional lives and relationships. I finished 15 seasons in about 4 months because this show is so good!

  2. Jane the Virgin: This show is a show filled with romance, comedy, and drama. It is about a 23 year old virgin named Jane who gets accidentally inseminated. She becomes pregnant and she realizes the sperm donor is her boss. Her life is suddenly starting to become like the telenovelas she loves. This show is filled with so many plot twists and it is addicting!

  3. Gossip Girl: This show is about a privileged group of students in Manhattan's Upper East Side whose drama is never-ending. On top of that, the online Gossip Girl shares text messages for more drama. This is an awesome 6 season show to watch with your friends!

  4. The Fosters: Per the name, this show is about two moms who foster children. Throughout the show, the children and the moms encounter difficult situations. One situation is when they decide to foster two new children. This is a drama packed show and has some eye-opening moments about the flaws in the foster system as well.

  5. Glee: This is a musical comedy about talented singers and students who struggle with embracing who they are and their teacher helps them through it. I recommend this show to those who are looking for a lighthearted show, but with some drama in it as well.

  6. All-American: This is a new show on Netflix and currently in the top 10 shows. Spencer James, a football star in a poorer neighborhood (South Crenshaw), is recruited by a coach in Beverly Hills. He moves in with his coach's family, but still has to balance his loyalties and drama between Crenshaw and Beverly Hills. This show eases into the drama and it puts into light the racial issues in America.

  7. Love is Blind: This is also a new show on Netflix and in the top 10 shows. It is a reality T.V show with a unique concept; it is an experiment to see if people can fall in love without ever seeing each other face-to-face. It is such a cool show to watch and it makes you ask the question: is love blind?

  8. Cheer: This is a 6 episode documentary on the nationally ranked Navarro College cheer team. At first, I thought this would be boring to watch because I play tennis and never really thought cheer was that important. However, this show is so amazing because it shows the amount of hard work cheerleaders put in. It really made me have a great appreciation for cheerleading as a sport.

  9. This is Us: My family and I watch this show together and we have cried many times. Triplets who have lost their dad try to navigate through life without him and their lives meet up in so many ways. This show has many real-life conflicts and it teaches you a lot of life lessons.

  10. Hart of Dixie: New York doctor Zoe Hart accepts an offer from a stranger to work at a practice in Alabama. When she comes, she discovers that the man has died and left her his half of the practice. Despite the shock of Southern life, Zoe decides to give her new life a chance. I have never seen a show that displays the Southern lifestyle and it made me want to go live there!

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