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Should you Take AP Classes?

If you don't know what AP classes are, they are basically college-level courses available for you to take in high school. I have two older sisters who are both very successful in college, so I have learned a lot about AP classes. If you are not sure of whether to take them or not, here are some of the benefits.

  1. They show colleges that you are able to understand the course topics at that higher level. AP courses are more difficult than honors level or standard level courses. AP courses often challenge students to think more critically. When a student decides to take an AP class and performs well in it, it shows colleges that the student is ready for college coursework and that they are not afraid of a challenge. Colleges are more likely to give out scholarship and financial aid to those who take AP classes.

  2. Students can earn college credit for these classes depending on what they get on the AP exam! This means students can skip some introductory classes in college if they score well.

  3. They help develop study skills that can be useful in college. If a student is not being challenged enough in honors or regular level classes, he/she may not be ready for the course difficulty he/she may encounter in college. AP's definitely show students how to study for certain courses and what works for you.

  4. AP classes can help show students what they are interested in. For example, if a student is really interested in AP Biology, they may want to become a doctor or scientist. If they are not interested in AP Art, they would probably consider other career paths besides art.

Of course, there are some drawbacks as well. AP classes are difficult and you have to be willing to put in a lot of time studying for the course. Even if you do work very hard, you may end up getting a low grade anyways. Getting a lower grade in an AP class may not look too good on your college application. In my other blog posts, I will explain some of my tips on how I study for AP classes.

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