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5 Helpful Tips for Freshmen

If you are a Freshman reading this, congrats on making it to high school! I hope you enjoyed middle school because high school is very different. Here are my academic tips for starting your school year!

  1. Get a planner: Write down every assignment you have. At the beginning of my freshman year, I thought I would remember every assignment. However, once 8 periods flew by and I got back home, the small assignments would slip my mind.

  2. Do your homework: For most classes, homework is just easy points. Also, homework does make a difference if you are borderline between two letter grades at the end of the year.

  3. Organize your notebooks and folder by class: I know some people who would try to fit all of the materials from all of their classes in one folder. By the end of a couple of months, their folder would rip and tear and they could never find their things. An easy way to separate your notebooks and folders is to assign a color to each subject so you always have an easy time finding it. (ex: Math=black notebook/folder, English=purple, etc.)

  4. Always ask for help: I was the type of person who never wanted to ask for help because I thought my question was dumb and I was too self conscious of what people would think. In reality, your questions will be helpful to everyone in the class. Things move fast in high school so make sure you get the help you need. Also, teachers LOVE when you ask questions because it shows that you are interested.

  5. Find other external resources that can help you with your classes: Sometimes using your notes from a class is not enough to get an A. If you are still struggling, try to attend office hours of the teacher, ask your friends, find a tutor, or look up online materials or books to supplement your knowledge.

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