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5 Tips on Joining Clubs

Colleges look for students who stand out. Finding your passion early is key because if you know what you are passionate about, you can do activities that reflect that. There are so many different kinds of activities you can do no matter what career you want to pursue in the future.

1. Look at your school's website to see what clubs are available at the school. You can also ask upperclassmen what clubs are running at the school. Make a list of what clubs interest you and attend their first meetings. You can then decide which clubs are the best for you. Here's a great link that shows what kinds of clubs to look for.

2. Make sure that when you start high school, you join some clubs. Joining clubs as a Freshman and staying committed throughout your high school years will show colleges your commitment and dedication. Also, joining clubs early and becoming involved will make it easier for you to attain a leadership position in that club if you want one and make friends! Community service clubs are always great options because not only are they fulfilling, but schools often require volunteer hours in order to graduate.

3. If a club that you are looking for does not exist at your school, create your own club! For example, my school did not have a club focused on volunteer work and community service. So, I brought Share OverSeas, a nonprofit organization that my family and I cofounded, to the high school. This way, I could help others, show colleges my passion for community service, and show my leadership skills.

4. Don't try to be involved with every single club. Stay involved in a couple of clubs that you will put the most effort in and be the most interested in. Participating in too many clubs will get to be too difficult to maintain, especially as junior and senior year comes along.

5. Make the most out of every club you join. If you are genuinely interested in the club, try to get a leadership position later on. Try to put in some effort so you can further your passion or gain new skills.

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