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How I got a 5 on the AP World History Exam

AP World History was my first ever AP class, and to hear that I received a 5 was amazing. I wanted to share my study tips to you guys!

  • Buy a Review Book- I used the Princeton Review Book and it was SO HELPFUL! Please buy one! :)

  • Review Your Notes

  • Watch Stephanie Gorges, Heimler's History, Crash Course and other review videos

  • Make Charts- Make cause and effect and compare and contrast to help with the essay prompts

  • Study with your friends and make charts together

  • Reach out to your teacher for additional review materials

  • PRACTICE- take at least 3-4 practice tests before the exam and send the essays to your teacher to review them

  • Multiple Choice Review Questions- I used or Khan Academy.

  • Think About the "Big Picture" Themes of Each Unit

I hope these are helpful!

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