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Where to Volunteer- My Favorite Organizations

Many people want to volunteer, but they do not know where to do it. Here are my favorite places to volunteer!

  • Feed My Starving Children- Most people know about this organization, but basically this non-profit organization packs food for third-world countries. It is a great place to spend two hours of your day!

  • Bernie's Book Bank- This organization gives children's books to those in need in the Chicagoland area. I love volunteering here because it is very hands-on and fun! Volunteers would help sort, package, and sticker books.

  • Willow Creek Care Center- This is also such a fun place to volunteer as you can interact with families. I really feel the gratification of helping others whenever I volunteer at this care center. Volunteers would help shop for families and give them groceries for free.

  • Fundraisers and Food/Clothing Drives- Although this is not necessarily a place to volunteer, fundraisers and food or clothing drives are a great way to help your community. I have held food drives at my local grocery stores and asked costumers to buy extra groceries for the local homeless shelter.

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