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Volunteering during Quarantine

A worldwide pandemic only escalates the need for people to be generous and help others. Here are a few ways that you can help others.

  • Create a GoFundMe- donate the funds towards hospitals or people in need and try to raise as much money as possible!

  • Start a Virtual Club- this is a great time to put in the time to create your own club. We have more time than ever and you can possibly create a club dedicated to helping others in need.

  • Create Masks- My charity organization, Share OverSeas has created masks to protect those against COVID-19 and we donated them to nursing homes, group homes, and hospitals. This activity does not take up that much time and will definitely help a lot of people.

  • Online Tutoring- Many students are at home without much help from their parents due to online schooling. Try to tutor other students with the knowledge that you know!

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